Deputy Minister of Science: Polish science should be promoted in the UK

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in cooperation with the Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK (PolSoc), wants to promote Polish science in the United Kingdom by financing visits of prominent Polish scientists at British universities.

We want to interest the British students and researchers in Polish research. To that end, we will finance visits and lectures of eminent Polish scholars at British universities - said in an interview with PAP Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, Łukasz Szumowski.

In an interview with PAP, Deputy Minister of Science Łukasz Szumowski said that in late January in Cambridge he participated in the congress of Polish student societies in the UK. "I'm very impressed with what young active people can do!" - commented Łukasz Szumowski. He added that Polish student organizations were really thriving at British colleges, many of which were top European universities.

source: Polska Agencja Prasowa – Nauka w Polsce 

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